Trolling motor mount

My Egret has a 36V Minn Kota Ipilot trolling motor.  It was been a phenomenal piece of equipment.  It has never failed me and has enduring several thousand hours of use at this point.  The only problem with the motor was that the Egret factory used screws to secure the trolling motor to the deck.  The first time I lightly hit bottom with the trolling motor, there was the terrible crunching sound of fiberglass being ripped up.   On my previous Egret I had  seen two Minn Kota “unbreakable” trolling motor shafts broken and never any issue with the  mount.  I was expecting a cracked motor shaft again but when I got back to shore and could inspect in daylight, it was obvious the screws had just pulled out.  As typical for Egret there was no sealant applied to the screws, it was just bare metal in fiberglass.  I went back and switched out the screws for bolts as should have been done originally.




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